PE Fund Services

We provide tailored investment solutions for a variety of cases through our carefully built relationships around the world with many companies, experienced business executives, advisors, regulators and other professionals with a proven track record of success across a range of sectors. We understand the motivation of companies looking to grow and their passion and drive to build something unique. We have great respect for bold business ventures, working in partnership with management teams to help them grow their business to get to where they want to be and beyond. Underpinning the objectives is the belief that a small and experienced team with direct involvement in all parts of the investment process will be able to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the portfolios and the risks within it. Our professionals have significant experience in managing portfolios and investing in funds.

Real Estate

Real estate has been a very large and important portion of wealth for thousands of years. Even as recently as a century ago, real estate dominated institutional portfolios and was referred to as property. During recent decades, the preeminence of real estate has yielded to the growing importance of intangible assets. Yet real estate remains a valuable part of any well-diversified portfolio.

Hedge Funds and Managed Futures

The term managed futures denotes the sector of the investment industry in which professional money managers actively manage client assets using global futures and other derivatives as investment instruments. A hedge fund is an alternative investment vehicle available only to sophisticated investors, such as institutions and individuals with significant assets. Like mutual funds, hedge funds are pools of underlying securities. Also like mutual funds, they can invest in many types of securities—but there are a number of differences between these two investment vehicles. We offer All-in-one services covering: Portfolio Management Risk Management Passporting and Re-Domiciliation Fund Administration Promotion, marketing and distribution Depository Internal Audit Reporting and all regulatory Disclosures